BKbugsm Project Details

Interior layout design for U.S. Open Unmatched a photo-essay style book. The book is divided into five sections titled “1st Set,” “2nd Set” and so on, the same as a tennis match. Each chapter opens with a thematic spread photo. For example, the 1st Set chapter covers the different stadiums and grounds at the National Tennis Center, the opening photo for that chapter is a dramatic sunset sky with the tennis center signage in the foreground. For the photo essay itself, the images are placed on bright colored backgrounds picking up accent colors from the photos and adding energy to the layouts. Interspersed throughout the photo-essay are short, single-spread player profiles. Hardcover book with four-color dust jacket, interior four-color with photos, 128 pages.

  • Client United States
  • Tennis Association
  • Created by Kirsten Navin
  • Skills Quark
  • Award American Graphic Design