MZbugsm Project Details

Cover and interior design for The Wimbledon Final That Never Was...and Other Tennis Tales from a Bygone Era written by Sidney Wood. Significant Photoshop work was required to repair the black & white newspaper clipping of Sidney Wood and Frank Shields and then integrate that image with the color tennis racquet in a manner that wasn’t jarring. This included creating a sepia duotone, adding a vintage color cast to the grass and racquet and removing all of the red stripes from the tennis strings. The stories in this book made it especially fun to work on, many include Mr. Wood’s adventures with various movie stars. One such tale involved dinner with Grace Kelly at a restaurant in my hometown. Paperback four-color cover, interior black & white with photos, 190 pages.

  • Client New Chapter Media
  • Created by Kirsten Navin
  • Skills InDesign + Photoshop