GDbugsm Project Details

The client requested a clean, modern logo design for her chiropractic practice. The company has a whole-health philosophy which includes chiropractic, wellness, and sports rehabilitation services. The circle within a square is inspired by, and a simplification of, L’Uomo Vitruviano as drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci represents balance and alignment. The interlocking initials reinforces the whole-health/connectivity theme. A bright tangerine orange was selected as the primary color for its energy and vitality which is then paired with an earthy warm gray as a calming balance. Also created front-end web designs and additional icons for the site. Examples shown include the final vertical and horizontal logos and icon, as well as secondary color variations plus business cards and landing page.

  • Client Daly Method
  • Created by Kirsten Navin
  • Skills Illustrator + Photoshop