GDbugsm Project Details

I’ve been drawn to letterpress since I first worked on a type specimen book in college. Something about rummaging through cases of metal type appeals to me. I want my mark to visually combine my interest in typography, my background in print and my computer skills. The design is a nod to vintage book plates, and the background looks as if a job case of glyphs has spilled out. I then used an italicized “i” is to emphasize the proper letter order of my name, because frequently “Kir” is mistakenly transposed to “Kri.” Despite my appreciation for the craftsmanship used to layout designs in letterpress, I must admit that working in Illustrator for this design was significantly easier than locking up all the elements backward, as would be necessary for traditional letterpress. I had my business cards printed by letterpress using 2 inks and one blind pass, in addition the edging has been colored to match the vibrant green used in my name.

  • Client Self
  • Created by Kirsten Navin
  • Skills Illustrator
  • Award American Graphic Design